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Univision is a Spanish language television network. Aimed at Latino-American audiences since 1962, Univision competes with top English language television networks in ratings. In 2008, Univision viewership reached 15 million people. Telenovelas, series, sitcoms, sports, and Spanish language movies are available to watch live through Univision, through satellite and cable services. In many parts of the US, Univision is available in HD (High Definition).
Univision began in San Antonio, Texas in 1955, as a small Spanish-language station called KCOR-TV. Through a series of changing hands, it has grown into one of the largest broadcasting networks in the United States, and holds its headquarters in New York City. While appealing specifically to Latino-Americans through its exclusive Spanish language programming, Univision expands its viewer base by offering English subtitles.
Univision is known for its telenovelas, comparable to the American soap opera, which typically air in the afternoon. Popular novelas include “Un Camino Hacia El Destino,” and “Despertar Contigo,” for a romantic drama. “El Hotel de los Secretos,” adds an element of mystery for those viewers who love to watch a he-said she-said drama. “La Rosa de Guadeloupe,” a Mexican telenovela, has been streamed through Univision since 2008. Love Spanish language movies? Univision is the place to live stream films from all over the Latin world.
Sports lovers know that Univision is the place to go to watch their favorite sporting events. Live stream the Olympics and watch commentary on different events. You can even tune into NFL, NBA, NHL, and MBL games on Univision.
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