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TNT is a basic cable and satellite station, owned by Turner Broadcasting Systems, (under the umbrella of Time Warner Cable) and a sister network to TBS. TNT was created in 1988 as a broadcasting medium for older movies and TV shows, inaugurating its network with a showing of “Gone with the Wind.” TNT broadcasts shows and movies primarily in the dramatic genre. Its reruns of syndicated shows and original programming are centered around the themes of crime, murder, mystery, and romance. TNT presents a direct contrast to its sister network, TBS, in its focus on dramatic programming.
TNT’s slogan, “We Know Drama,” was born during a period of extensive re-imagining of the TV network and brand. In its early years, the network continued to focus on movies, and acquired a loyal audience with the production of some original films. TNT’s late night showcase “Monster Vision” featured a lineup of B movies that acquired a bit of a cult following. During this period, the network also began a cartoon lineup of syndicated shows, such as “Pink Panther,” and “Dexter’s Laboratory.” However, towards the end of the decade, TNT settled into its niche as the TV drama expert.
Want access to action and emotion at your fingertips? Live stream TNT’s lineup, right from your computer. If you love to get behind a troubled hero, watch “Animal Kingdom,” a show chronicling the life of a Southern California teen after his Mom dies of a heroin overdose. For a dystopian drama, glistening with science fiction, watch “The Last Ship,” as a one crew scraps for survival. Murder mystery fans know TNT is the network to quench their thirst for suspense with the show “Murder First.” And in keeping with the TV network’s roots, check out TNT’s lineup of movies, streaming every day.
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