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MSNBC is a cable and satellite TV network, owned by the NBC Universal News Group. It was launched in 1996, and is known for its “opinion” programming in addition to hard hitting news. It is led by president Phil Griffin, and features notable chief anchor Brian Williams. NBC is broadcast in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The TV news network reaches 94,531,000 households in the United States.
NBC executive Tom Rogers launched MSNBC, aiming to create a network featuring a variety of news broadcasts and opinion programs. MSNBC competed with other news-exclusive networks by featuring stories in greater depth and detail than its competitors. The TV network created a niche for itself as a primarily political network, focusing largely on the liberal perspective. Although this bias has garnered criticism for MSNBC’s TV news coverage, it has also helped to build and shape a viewer base. Certain broadcasts are also streamed from NBC to MSNBC, to provide real-time updates on breaking news stories.
MSNBC is known for its TV journalism personalities. Enormous talents have been crafted in the studios of MSNBC, such as Willie Geist, Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow, and Steve Kornacki. Familiar anchors provide viewers with an intimate reporting environment.
NBC airs live programs throughout the day, including newscasts mingled with editorial news segments. Wake up with “Morning Joe,” preparing you for your day with a dose of the top news stories. “MSNBC Live” at 10am focuses on the latest updates in politics, so you can stay in the loop on the goings on in Washington. Anchor Tamron Hall conducts interviews and covers US, world, and even entertainment news in her segment, “Live with Tamron Hall.” If you love looking at politics through the lens of a skeptic, watch “The Rachel Maddow Show” live at 9pm.
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