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FX is an American cable and satellite access television station. It is owned by Fox Networks LLC, which in turn is owned by the entertainment giant, 21st Century Fox. The network focuses its programming on original comedy and drama series, although its lineup does include reruns of series produced by other networks. Launched in Manhattan in 1994, FX aimed to be a “user-friendly” station, placing emphasis on interacting with viewers and creating multiple opportunities for viewer participation in the network’s programming.
FX’s original slogan, “The World’s First Living Television Network,” embodies its efforts to break away from the mold of an anonymous media power. The network targeted young viewers who were eager to break into technology, and encouraged viewers to interact and provide feedback via email. A series of live shows were the pride of FX in the early days of its creation, however their high operating costs were disproportionate to viewership, and were forced out of circulation. This caused a period showing exclusively reruns on the network. However, FX’s original goal, to provide fresh, pop culture based entertainment, is reflected in their drama and comedy based original programming.
In the new millennium, dark comedies “Starved,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” premiered on FX, sculpting an image as a provocative, fearless station. The use of strong language and frank sexual content reaches a more mature viewership. Both light hearted comedy and dark drama abounds of FX, with contrasting programs such as “The League,” and “The Americans.” The network made waves with its new series, “The People vs. OJ: American Crime Story,” in its eerily accurate portrayal of the OJ Simpson trial and subsequent acquittal. Love drama sprinkled with fantasy and a little bit of terror? Catch up on Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s “American Horror Story,” and live stream new episodes this season.
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