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ESPN is synonymous with sports news on television. Originally titled “Entertainment and Sports Programming Network,” ESPN is operated by The Walt Disney Company, and has been delivering sports news since 1979. It is available through satellite and cable networks. In December 2015, ESPN was dubbed cable’s most-watched prime-time network.
ESPN is unique as a sports-only network. It’s first ever program was “SportsCenter,” which still serves as its signature program today. Shaping the scope of sports media, ESPN broadcast the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament, which we now know as the “March Madness,” craze.
Geared towards the sports fanatic, ESPN aims to offer a wide variety of sports broadcasting. Live stream your favorite college football team’s victories and losses in the fall. Keep up on NHL, MBL, NBA, and NFL games all throughout the year. Soccer fans catch up by streaming multinational games, and for Spanish language sports, be sure to check out “ESPN Desportes.” Tennis fans know to watch Wimbledon live on ESPN. The network even broadcasts the Little League World Series on ESPN 3. Niche sports fan? ESPN lets you live stream Cricket, Rugby, Softball, Track and Field, Drone Racing, Boxing, and Combat Sports.
Interviews, documentaries, and talk shows by nation’s seasoned sports commentators completes the ESPN sports world. For the latest scoop, tune into “SportsCenter.” Baseball fans are sure to love “Baseball Tonight,” listening to commentary on the latest baseball news. Can’t get enough of sports documentaries? On ESPN 30/30, you can watch documentaries about the most monumental sports moments in history, like “Made in America,” ESPN’s documentary about the infamous OJ Simpson.
On ESPN, sports are not merely broadcast: a culture is created. Whether you want to tune in live to your favorite games, or hear what the pros have to say about sports news, live stream ESPN through our site.

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