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Disney Channel is a basic cable and satellite network created by Walt Disney Productions in 1983. It is available throughout the United States and internationally. Disney Channel features animated and live actions series directed towards children and pre-teens. The family oriented shows feature themes of growing up and encourage kids to pursue their dreams. In addition to original series, Disney Channel also produces original movies, many of which have become worldwide sensations. The channel is also known for its emphasis on creating young actor/musicians, and has launched the careers of many celebrities, including Hilary Duff, Shia LeBouf, Zac Effron, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Bella Thorne.
Disney Channel premiered its first original series, “Good Morning, Mickey!” upon the network’s launch. It was originally a subscriber network, and was an instant success: its subscribers quadrupled in its first year. Due to the network’s rapid expansion, it began the transition into a basic cable network not long after its creation. It became a signature network for hip movie musicals, like “The Cheetah Girls,” “High School Musical,” “Camp Rock,” and “Lemonade Mouth.” Disney films encourage viewers to go against the grain and take the risk to be themselves.
Disney Channel is the place for fantasy, family, music, and fun on TV. A commercial free network, viewers can live stream their favorite shows without interruption. Looking for a show that rocks? Live stream “Bizaardvark,”and hang with teens Frankie and Paige as their songs and funny videos make them internet sensations. Wish you had a secret identity? Watch live episodes about a 16 year-old girl who does in “K.C. Undercover.” Teen life is tough no matter what decade you’re in, but it helps with a best friend. Check out “Best Friends Whenever,” and follow the adventures of two time travelling teens.
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