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Cartoon Network is a cable and satellite access network, broadcast throughout the United States. It is broadcast in English, but with available Spanish subtitles. Show are available online and in HD quality. The network is dedicated to children’s programming and cartoons, with a segment of cartoons aimed at older teens and adults, “Adult Swim,” taking over in the evening. Cartoon Network is owned by Turner Broadcasting Systems, and thus Time Warner, making it a sister channel of TNT and Boomerang. Cartoon Network is known for its original cartoons, centered around bolder, sillier, and more adventurous themes. A hallmark of the network’s creativity, it is a favorite among kids and pre-teens.
Cartoon Network was born in 1992. It was originally intended to be a receptacle for the animated library of Ted Turner (CEO of Turner Broadcasting Systems). For its first several years, Cartoon Network exclusively aired classic cartoons such as “Looney Tunes,” and “Tom and Jerry.” With 24-hour exclusive cartoon programming, Cartoon Network became a signature children’s cartoon sanctuary. Later, it produced original cartoons that would grow to become its own network classics, like “Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Johnny Bravo,” and “The Powerpuff Girls.”
Can’t get enough ‘toons? Cartoon Network is the place to live stream zany new cartoons and old favorites. If you have super hero fever, check out “Teen Titans, Go!” as it chronicles the (mis)adventures of teen superheroes, taking down bad guys and trying to make the perfect sandwich. If you love your cartoons with a little side of mischief, watch live episodes of “The Amazing World of Gumball,” a cunning cat who always seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve….or rather, up his paw. Magic meets mishaps in “Stephen Universe,” the story of a half-gem, half-human kid trying to save the world.
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