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Comedy Central is an American cable and satellite access television network. It is available all throughout the United States, with localized version available on several continents. The network as it exists today is the result of a merge between two rival channels dedicated to comedy: “The Comedy Channel,” owned by Time Warner, and “Ha!” owned by Viacom. The combination of each network’s programming roughly created the format of comedy movies, sitcoms, sketches, and special that compromises Comedy Central’s lineup today. What began as a small, low-budget network grew into a popular channel, which consumers demanded be added to their cable offerings.
“The Comedy Channel,” which was created in 1989, assembled its programming from a variety of comedic talk shows and movie clips with intermixed commentary. “The Comedy Channel” featured segments with hosts Jon Stewart and Patty Rosborough, giving way to the comedians’ eventual success. Meanwhile, “Ha!” featured reruns of sitcoms and sketch comedies, including NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” In 1991, the two channels fused into one, expanding the possibilities of the network to feature more original programming, in addition to sitcom and comedy sketch reruns. As more original shows were born, the new network, now christened Comedy Central built its reputation as a fearless purveyor of comedy. Shows like “The Daily Show,” “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” and the American adaptation of “Whose Line is it Anyway,” received their start on the burgeoning network. With the creation of the infamous risqué cartoon comedy, “South Park,” Comedy Central grew enormously in popularity.
Comedy Central is a favorite among young people between the ages of 15 and 35, featuring unapologetic and uninhibited comedy. Stream new episodes of “Broad City,” to watch the adventures of two young and quirky feminists bumbling their way through life in New York City. If you love slapstick, check out “Drunk History.” Tune into Comedy Central’s famous celebrity roasts, talk shows, and much, much more, live streamed through our site.
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