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A&E (Arts and Entertainment) is a cable and satellite network created in 1984. In keeping with its slogan, “Be Original,” the television network shows a variety of unique original programming. It is extremely popular among young adults, attracted by the range of reality shows in addition to original drama series. Originally dedicated to classic mysteries and crime dramas like “Sherlock Holmes,” and “Law and Order,” A&E now features a line-up of lighter, fun programming, several containing progressive themes of inclusivity.
At the time of the network’s debut, A&E did not have its own channel, instead inserting three-hour programming blocks following the end of Nickelodeon’s programming. Starting at 9pm, A&E was geared towards a more mature audience. As its full name suggests, creators aimed to produce shows that reached certain standards of refinement. They sought to attract the art-lovers in the audience, producing sophisticated yet thrilling original programming. A&E grew in popularity due to its documentary series, “Biography,” which acquired the network a loyal following. Today, A&E is among the top 25 most watched cable networks.
Although A&E has adopted primarily reality programming in lieu of the dramatic series of its past, originality remains an important component in the network’s show. It is well known for the popular series, “Duck Dynasty,” a series following the lives of a southern family who struck it rich selling a product (Duck Commander) for duck hunters. Other fan favorites include “Bad Ink,” following tattoo artists and the unusual art they are often asked to permanently paste on their clients. Love celebrities? Check out the series “Wahlburgers,” documenting the lives of the Wahlburg family. Nothing says ‘original’ like the A&E series “American Hoggers,” detailing the lives of a Texan family who rounds up wild boars. Longing for a progressive comedy? Stream original series Black and White. Enjoy TV’s superior entertainment on livestream.

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