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AMC is an American cable and satellite channel, owned by AMC Networks and a sister network to SundanceTV, WeTV, and BBC America. It is available to cable users throughout the United States, in addition to being broadcast in several countries in Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and North America. Created in 1984 and originally titled, “American Movie Classics,” the network’s programming focused exclusively on showing older American films. While original programming has now interrupted the network’s original exclusive film lineup, shows center around the themes of scandal, ambition, and drama, verifying the network’s slogan, “Something More.”
AMC began as a subscription television channel, featuring a commercial free queue of films made prior to 1950. The network aimed to re-enter forgotten classics back into circulation, celebrating the American film tradition. Viewers could watch Marx Brothers films or even the 1925 version of “Phantom of the Opera,” on AMC. As the network expanded into 24 -hour programming, it became available on most basic cable providers, increasing viewership. In 2002, AMC began to focus on featuring films from a variety of decades. Integrating more original programming at this time, the network became known for its action packed programming and story filled shows.
AMC is widely known for the two mega success shows: “Breaking Bad,” and “Mad Men.” Both shows garnered national acclaim, including numerous Emmy and Golden Globe awards. Featuring scandal, deceit, love, and ferocious ambition, the TV shows gained an enormous following, making AMC one of the top cable TV networks. Loved “Breaking Bad?” Stream the spin-off, “Better Call Saul,” shown on AMC. If you love a good scare, check out “Fear the Walking Dead,” companion series to “The Walking Dead,” a TV glimpse into a zombie apocalyptic world. Still looking for American classic drama? We recommend streaming “The American West.”
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