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GSN, or Game Show Network, is a cable and satellite station dedicated exclusively to featuring game shows. It is a joint venture by Sony Pictures and ATT&T. Created in 1994, it originally featured many classic (pre 1972) game shows in addition to recent game shows, following a trend of TV nostalgia led by other networks. Classic shows like “The Newlywed Game,” “The Dating Game,” and “Treasure Hunt,” were featured on the Game Show Network, in addition “The Price is Right,” and “Family Feud.” Shows often have the objective of prize money, and many are trivia based. GSN shows features a regular line up of reruns, in addition to classic game show revivals and new shows. GSN continues to grow, with a record viewership of 80 million adults, with particular popularity among ages 18-49. The network interacts with viewers off-screen, with mobile and online games, even multi-viewer tournaments.
Since its launch, GSN has expanded to represent all “games” in addition to game shows. Its programming features live poker and black jack tournaments. In the early 2000’s, the network featured card-game hits like “High Stakes Poker,” “The World Series of Black Jack,” and “Celebrity Black Jack.” Other expansion efforts have included the integration of reality TV inspired game shows, such as “Kenny vs. Spenny” and reruns of “Joe Millionaire.”br>The Game Show Network is more alive than ever, and booming with shows new and old. Want to play? Live stream GSN’s numerous offerings. For non-traditional fun, check out “Skin Wars,” the body painting competition that leave $100,000 in the lurch. Shopaholic? “Shop ‘Til You Drop” matches family and friends against one another to test their pop culture and consumer knowledge. Old-school game show fans will stream classics like “Family Feud,” “Deal or No Deal,” and “$25,000 Pyramid.” Play around and live stream GSN on our site.

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