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MTV, or Music Television is an American basic cable and satellite access network, owned by Viacom Media Networks. MTV is a signature station in American television, and has been an authority on music and pop culture since its launch in 1981. Credited with the popularization of the music video, MTV’s original programming consisted of the music videos of punk and rock artists, with commentary by young hosts intermixed. Today, MTV is aimed at an audience of teens and college-aged students. Though its primary programming now consists of reality TV and sitcoms, MTV nevertheless keeps its strong ties to music, and is beginning to integrate music video broadcasts back into its programming.
The MTV network launched with the now iconic phrase, “Ladies and Gentlemen, rock and roll,” spoken over a video of the Columbia and Apollo 11 space shuttle launches. The image of the MTV flag on the moon would become the network’s signature, and a symbol of its role in shaping pop culture. MTV was inaugurated with The Buggle’s music video “Video Killed the Radio Star,” and led to the rise in popularity of music videos and dance, featuring several dance along segments in addition to videos. MTV’s 1992 show “The Real World,” is credited with the creation of modern reality television. Dramatic and relatable, reality TV grew to be a favorite among young people, and an MTV staple.
Pop culture meets drama on MTV. Check out the new reality series “Guy Code vs. Girl Code,” and debunk all urban myths about the differences between girls and guys. Always wondered what it would be like to be a rap star? Find out when streaming episodes of “Kingin’ with Tyga.” As if High School isn’t hard enough, check out the life of (hot) werewolf Scott, as he navigates his double life on “Teen Wolf.”
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