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TLC (formerly The Learning Channel) is a cable and satellite channel, also available for streaming online. At its creation in 1972 by Appalachian Community Service Network, it was designed to be an exclusively educational channel. Now owned by Discovery Communications, TLC produces shows based upon real stories of people and family, in addition to some special interest reality series.
Upon the creation of The Learning Channel, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare partnered with NASA to develop and distribute the educational network at no cost to viewers. The Learning Channel had a meager but loyal viewership who tuned in to watch educational and instructional programming. Shows were primarily documentary-style and covered a broad range of subjects, from science and history to cooking and home improvement. It was intended to reach a broad audience among the American people. While many of these programs continued into the 1990s after Discovery Communications acquired the network, a shift in favor of pop culture programming grew into the end of the decade, re-directing TLC into a reality network, as it is known today.
Today, TLC is known for focusing on the lives of real Americans, giving viewers an inside look into their extraordinary circumstances. The network offers TV shows centered on Family, Food, Home, Lifestyle, and Weddings, making it the ultimate reality TV network. “Our Little Family,” tells the story of a family of five living with achondroplasia. Follow a woman’s journey into confidence while streaming “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” Love the story of a big family? Watch “Sister Wives,” and follow the life of a polygamist family, complete with four wives, and 17 children. “Toddlers in Tiaras” follows the lives of miniature beauty queens as they delve into the glitzy world of pageants. And what wedding lover can resist TLC Classics like “Four Weddings,” and “Say Yes to the Dress?”
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