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UniMas is a Spanish language television network and sister network to Univision. It is geared specifically towards Hispanic youth ages 12-35, and features telenovelas, series, sports casts, Spanish language variety series, and children’s cartoon segment. UniMas is a newer network, launched in 2002 and Telefutura, switching to its current name in 2013. UniMas is available throughout the US, and engages with viewers on social media through its website platform.
Telefutura was purchased by Univision Communications to be a complimentary network to Univision, targeting bilingual Hispanic youth. Its initial programming featured a mix of pre-recorded and live shows, such as telenovelas, dramatic series, and day-time talk shows. The network relaunched in 2013 as UniMas and aimed to broaden its viewership. At this time, the network imported more television shows from Mexico and Colombia. Since the switch and re-branding to UniMas, ratings have soared, and it is now the number two Spanish language network in America, second only to its sister network, Univision.
UniMas has a wide offering of drama, centering around the themes of conflict between love and family. Romance meets action and in “El Principe,” the story of a forbidden romance between a Christian policeman and the Muslim sister of a drug trafficker. Set on the Spanish mainland near the Moroccan border, the series offers heartfelt moments intertwined with drama and suspense. Love music, history, and a story of overcoming the odds? Live stream episodes of Columbian telenovela, “La Ronca de Oro,” the story of singer Helenita Vargas. Set in the 1950’s, Vargas overcomes the society’s obstacles to pursue her dream. You can catch American movies and shows dubbed in Spanish on UniMas, or viewings of original Spanish language films. Sports fan? UniMas has got you covered, with HD coverage of world sporting events. UniMas excels in young people’s entertainment.

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