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Freeform is a privately owned cable and satellite access network. Founded in 1977, the network has changed hands, names, and images several times over the course of its 29-year life. Today, the network is owned by ABC Family Worldwide, a subsidiary of Disney-ABC Television group under The Walt Disney Company. Despite having undergone many changes, the TV network has retained a loyal viewership, and has had success with original programming and rebroadcasting of syndicated network sitcoms. Officially christened into its current name in 2016, Freeform targets a family audience, but remains especially popular among teens. Much of its programming centers around themes of teen drama and growing up, in addition to plots centered around unusual family circumstances. Freeform also features regular lineups of films, and includes holiday film specials, like “25 Days of Christmas,” and “13 Nights of Halloween.”
The network was initially created by Pat Robertson, and title “CBN Satellite Service.” It was intended to be an exclusively Christian broadcasting network, featuring religious programs and live talk shows. Its signature show was “The 700 Club,” which continued for many years past re-branding and changing of hands. The network eventually expanded to include more family oriented programs and cartoons in addition to religious programming, changing its name to “CBN Cable Network” and then eventually “CBN Family Channel.” Over subsequent years, Freeform’s ownership would again be shifted from “Fox Family” and eventually to “ABC Family.”
Now, the network is a favorite among teens and young adults. All of the pressures of popularity, school, and friendship shape the lives of four friends in the hit “Pretty Little Liars,” plus the inexplicable murder of their best friend. If you love watching drama, heartbreak, and hope, stream “Recovery Road,” the story of a recovering teen drug-addict. Looking for something on the lighter side? Try “Baby Daddy,” and prepare to laugh.
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