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Telemundo is an American Spanish language television network. It is available throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, and adapted in several nations and languages across the globe. Telemundo features a mix of telenovelas, talk shows, sitcoms, news programming and Spanish language films. Owned by NBCUniversal Television Group, it is a sister network to NBC, and has a companion cable network, NBC Universo, featuring additional Spanish language programming aimed towards Hispanic youth. Telemundo is the second largest Spanish language broadcaster in the nation, and reached close to one million viewers in 2015.
The Telemundo network of today is the conglomerate of three different networks, fused in 1987. The station’s earliest predecessor was created in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1954. Its first program, “La Taberna India,” was produced by a major TV and radio personality. The network went on to produce telenovelas, which attracted a larger viewership. Later, the network, (which was called Telemundo and then Telemundo Canal 2,) fused with two United States based Spanish language networks, NetSpan and KVEA. Merged into one, the name was restored to Telemundo, and the network’s programming expanded to telenovelas, sitcoms, and news.
Telemundo remains a major producer of Spanish language entertainment in the United States. Check out Telemundo to watch today’s best telenovelas, news, sports, and sitcoms. Looking for drama? Live stream episodes of “Sin sēnos sí hay paraís,” and follow the story of a family experiencing life, death, and love. For a tale of star-crossed lovers, stream “Silvana sin lama.” And for an action packed story of crime, violence, and cleverness, watch “Sēnora Acenos.” In the mood for a film? Telemundo broadcasts your favorite films dubbed in Spanish, and shows imported Spanish films.
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