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TV Land is a television network owned by Viacom Media Networks. It is accessible through cable and satellite television providers throughout the United States. TV Land was created in 1996, as a spin-off of sister station “Nick at Nite.” It initially catered to mid-adult viewers, presenting classic TV shows from the 1950’s and 1960’s, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia. Over time, the network has aimed to attract a more diverse range of viewers, incorporating original programming and reruns of more recent sitcoms. Featured shows are primarily situational comedies, and have become popular with all ages of adults. TV Land’s audience has grown from just nostalgia lovers to comedy enthusiasts everywhere: its recent show, “Younger,” garnered a viewership of 1.13 million, a record high for the network.
Upon its creation, TV Land featured a lineup of classic family sitcoms and talk shows. Old-school favorites like “The Ed Sullivan Show,” “The Honeymooners,” and “Gunsmoke,” were aired in its first year. “The Andy Griffith Show,” “I Love Lucy,” “I Dream of Jeanie,” and “Leave it to Beaver,” became signature programs. Many younger viewers were introduced to classic sitcoms through the network. In lieu of traditional commercials, the network also featured classic ‘retro-mercials,’ featuring signature old-school ads. Creating a transformative atmosphere, viewers loved TV Land to step into a time-warp, watching classic television that idealized the past.
After time, TV Land sought to expand its viewership to include Generation X. Several network originals acquired a large following of regular live watchers. Want to check it out? Stream this season’s “Younger,” live on our site. For an outlandish story of stolen identity, watch new episodes of “Impastor.” If you’re looking for some throwback TV, stream “Golden Girls,” “Everybody Loves Raymond,” or “King of Queens.”
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