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HBO is America’s first and oldest paid subscription television network. Founded in 1972 and christened “Home Box Office,” HBO found its niche in a television market dominated by mainstream cable programming. Today, HBO programming is among the most popular in all of television, offering a wide range of channels for the whole family to watch: HBO, HBO Signature, HBO2, HBO Family, and HBO Latino.
HBO began with the dream of streaming uninterrupted programs from satellite service. It made a name for itself by showcasing sports programs in premier quality. Little by little, it expanded to show movies, original series, and eventually its own original series, for which it has become renown.
HBO provides an audience with larger than life entertainment. That’s why it’s your go-to place to watch live boxing and major sports events. Sports enthusiasts love “Real Sports with Bryan Gumbel,” to watch the inside scoop on athletes, teams, and the secrets behind the sports industry. Want to watch sports training live, as though you were out in the field? Live your dreams through “Hard Knocks,” the documentary series that shadows the Los Angeles Rams as they train for the upcoming season.
As a subscription network, HBO is free from the censorship of cable channels. Its autonomy has given way to its specialty: cutting edge original series that push the envelope. If you love watching the story of a fallen hero meets murder mystery, be sure to watch “The Night Of,” streaming live every week. Get your fix of politics, fantasy, romance, and a few feudalist empires with the unmatched drama “Game of Thrones.” Another kind of political battle breaks out in “Vice Principals,” a new comedy for those love the trivial pursuit of high school glory.
As their slogan, “It’s not TV. It’s HBO,” suggests, the network offers so much to discover. Live stream documentaries, films, and even original movies live from our site.

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