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When it started out 29 years ago, the FOX broadcasting network committed to bringing quality television programs into every home. Based in Los Angeles, FOX has become the third most popular commercial broadcasting network in America. It is known for its edgy humor and dedicated reality television, but its variety of programs extends well beyond a single genre. For the TV lover, FOX is unmistakably one of the most important channels on the air. With On Demand Internet TV, you never have to miss a moment of its entertaining programing!
American Millennials will know FOX best for its longest-running and most popular cartoon: The Simpsons. The Simpsons, which combines pointed social commentary and clever humor, came on right after school on weeknights in the 90s. Twenty- and thirty-somethings quote it back and forth to each other like a secret code, so much has it influenced mainstream culture. The Simpsons has become a worldwide phenomenon that extends well beyond your screen. Bart Simpson, the mischievous main character, embodies the shows blasé attitude toward social formalities. With 27 seasons to catch up on, it is fortunate that you can replay your favorite episodes on your smartphone, tablet, or computer!
The tradition of The Simpsons carries on to FOX’s second most popular family in Family Guy. Another edgy comedy, this show has been airing since 1999 and appeals to spectators who need a good laugh and a bit of sarcasm. Most recently, Bob’s Burgers became the third comedic animated family to cross the screen on FOX. These instant classics are influencing the way people talk about TV, so be sure to rewatch your favorite episodes on demand and never miss a moment.
But FOX is more than just laughs. It is also where viewers tune in to cheer on their favorite rags-to-riches stories on American Idol where would-be pop stars sing their way into viewer’s hearts. The concept was so popular that FOX extended it beyond singing: culinary artists can compete on Master Chef and people who are light on their feet deal with the grueling challenges of So You Think You Can Dance? Being inspired by people chasing their dreams reminds us of FOX’s commitment to the American Dream.
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